On March 1 alone, Ha Jung Woo’s film “Love Fiction” made a big hit with 270,000 tickets sold. (March 1 is a national holiday in South Korea) According to KOFIC (The Korean Film Council) Love Fiction which released on February 29, had 269,334 viewers on March 1, and was #1 for the Korean box office. On the same day (March 1) the film that came in second place “This Means War” had 87,483 viewers.

The film “Love Fiction” had 163,635 viewers on the day of its February 29 release. Combining the two numbers, “Love Fiction” has now had 446,003 viewers. Industry experts believe that within the week the film will surpass 1 million viewers.

The basic storyline behind “Love Fiction” is about a writer (Ha Jung Woo) who searches for a muse. Then he meets the perfect woman only to have his fantasies destroyed. Then he begins to face a dilemma.