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More actors have been confirmed for upcoming KBS drama “Your House Helper.”

WJSN’s Bona will play Lim Da Young, an intern at a advertising company who tries to become a full-time employee. Actor Lee Ji Hoon will play a lawyer named Kwon Jin Kook, who is friends with both Lim Da Young and jewelry designer Yoon Sang Ah (played by Go Won Hee).

Actress Jeon Soo Jin will play an accessory seller named Kang Hye Joo who has a messy relationship with her boyfriend. Seo Eun Ah will play Han So Mi, a nail shop owner who is scared of men after going through a traumatic event in the past. Kang Hye Joo, Yoon Sang Ah, and Han So Mi are all close friends.

The production staff of the drama commented, “Bona, Lee Ji Hoon, Go Won Hee, Jeon Soo Jin, and Seo Eun Ah are joining Ha Seok Jin in ‘Your House Helper.’ The clients initially hire a house helper to clean up their homes, but their messy lives end up getting organized as well. Please look forward to the chemistry between the five actors.

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Ha Seok Jin has chosen his next project!

The actor will be starring in the upcoming KBS drama “Your House Helper.” Based on a popular webtoon, the drama is about a housekeeper who not only cleans his clients’ homes, but also helps organize their thoughts by listening to their worries and giving advice.

Ha Seok Jin will be taking on the role of Kim Ji Woon, the housekeeper who takes care of everything from cooking, laundry, shopping, moving, babysitting, petsitting, house repairs, and more. He receives a lot of attention from the female clients for his good looks, but he acts coldly towards clients who make light of housekeeping.

Go Won Hee has been confirmed to star in the drama as homeowner Yoon Sang Ah. Lee Ji Hoon is also in talks to appear in the drama as a lawyer. WJSN’s Bona was also previously in talks to play Lim Da Young, an intern at an advertising company.

Wednesday-Thursday drama “Your House Helper” will premiere via KBS in July.

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