Photos of Ha Sungwoon‘s side profile have gona viral amongst netizens and people are going crazy over his killer sharp jawline. Many were unaware of how striking it is and fans think it only makes him hotter.

ha sungwoon ha sungwoon1

ha sungwoon2

Fans originally knew Ha Sungwoon for his chubby yet well sculpted face. People found him adorable and cute thanks to his bubbly features!

ha sungwoon cloud ha sungwoon cloud1

But now his jaw has sharpened and he is now even more handsome. And he was already a visual to begin with, so now he’s to die for. Many fans agree that Ha Sungwoon looks good in any angle, but the side profile may be people’s new favorite.

ha sungwoon3 ha sungwoon4 ha sungwoon5