So here is something interesting we’ve seen mentioned a few times recently. There has been a bunch of reports and fan postings that claim that Ha Yeon Soo supposedly looks quite a like to IU. Usually these fan matches tend to be either really big hits or really big misses. So which one does this supposed match fall under? Well, you can see for yourself below.

IU Compare

That is a comparison I just made at random right now. Hmm, maybe if I squint a bit I could see a better resemblance? Yeah, that seems a bit better, but then again my eyes are so small that by the time I squint all I’m seeing is practically a massive blur. How about we try another set of pictures?


Yeah, that looks a lot closer. This picture of Ha Yeon Soo is pre-debut and is from a self proclaimed “sensitive” magazine called “MARVLE.” This picture also happens to be the one that is being used the most often to claim that Ha Yeon Soo looks like IU.

Frankly, they are both pretty and they seem unique enough that it’s a bit hard to say that they really look like the other. Meanwhile, we previously reported that Ha Yeon Soo is being considered for the cast of the tentatively named “High Kick 4.” If this does come to fruition, it has the potential to be her biggest work yet, having previously been on the movie “Temperature of Love,” featured in 10cm’s MV for “Love is Falling in Drops” and currently featuring in tvN-Mnet’s music drama “Monstar.”

So to conclude does Ha Yeon Soo look like IU? Kind of, but in my search for the pictures above, I once again came across a celebrity with a striking similarity to both IU and Ha Yeon Soo.  I think you’ll agree with me once you see it for yourselves.

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