Ha Yeon Soo of  the drama “Monstar” recently revealed her thoughts on her co-star, BEAST‘s Yong Jun Hyung.

On July 9, a press conference was held for the tvN drama, “Monstar” where Ha Yeon Soo revealed, “The person I’m least close to among the cast is Yong Jun Hyung.”

She continued, “To be honest, Yong Jun Hyung had a strong, popular idol image even before the drama started so I couldn’t really talk to him. But as we performed the song, ‘Your Meaning‘ together in the drama, I felt closer to him.”

She also said, “I’m sad that there isn’t much time left for us to get closer. I hope he will be even more active as a musician in the future and see good results.”

Ha Yeon Soo has seen great popularity through “Monstar” and has even earned the nickname, “the Cinderella of the small screen.” She is even a strong candidate for the upcoming sitcom, “Highkick 4.”

Ha Yeon Soo finally stated, “Having the nickname ‘ Cinderella of the small screen’ is truly an honor. I really thank you.”