On the upcoming episode of “Running Man,” Haha and his wife, Byul, will be appearing together with another star couple in a “Love and War” themed couple-race.

When Byul is introduced, she comes out shouting “Honey!” and makes Haha shy. The other members make fun of him saying, “Haha seems very awkward right now!”

As soon as the games start, however, Haha and Byul become one and give it their all to win. Whenever a mission is given, Byul shouts, “Honey! Think of Dream [our son]!”  and cheers her husband on. Thanks to her, Haha supposedly does better than usual and surprises everyone on set.

haha byul1

To find out whether Haha and Byul triumph over others, watch this episode of “Running Man” when it airs on June 14 at 6:10 p.m. KST.

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