Haha startled MC Go Hyun Jung and made her “upset” by using “Go Show’s” forbidden word “DolSing (returning single).”

In the new situation talk show SBS TV “Go Show” that was broadcast on April 27, guests were Kim Joon HoKim Joon Hyun, Haha, and Boom. That day the show ran a casting titled “Gentlemen’s Dignity.”

The show started out with role-playing against four male guests. To this Haha said, “This is just like the show, ‘Couple.’ We should call it DolSing special.”

And Go Hyun Jung yelled out, “Get over here!” to Haha and approached him. MC Yun Jong Shin made everyone laugh by adding, “In ‘Go Show,’ DolSing is the one forbidden word.” 

Meanwhile, Boom talked about how much he and Lee Dong Wook strived to be MCs of “Strong Heart.”