Haha‘s fiancée Byul and friend Yoo Jae Suk were spotted as bride and groom in a picture.

After Haha announced his relationship and wedding date with singer Byul during a press conference he had called, he stumbled upon a surprising picture on Twitter.

A fan tweeted the picture to Haha along with the following message, “Hyung, will you still keep on praising Mr. Yoo after seeing this?”

Upon seeing the picture, Haha replied, “What the hell is this! Yoo…Mr Yoo…*collapses*. What is this, I demand an explanation!” Then Byul answered to Haha,” Oh…Oh…I’m sorry.”

Netizens who caught the conversation online commented, “Where did they find that picture?” “It’s awesome,” “That was definitely fake, but Haha getting jealous….”