‘Synthesized celebrity’ Haha is finally making a comeback as a singer in mid-September after 4 years.

Haha is scheduled to release his mini album on the 3rd week of September as well as make appearances on music programs. He has already decided on his title song and wrapped up the photo shoot for the album and the music video recording.

Already four years have flown by since his last promotions of his singing career which was back in November of 2007 with the song “You’re My Destiny.” Due to having to enlist in 2008, he finished up all of his military duties and had released a digital single back in May of 2010 called “Alcohol Bottle,” though he did not promote with it. There is greater meaning behind this upcoming album since back in 2005 was when he released his first album “The Beautiful Rhyme Diary.” Now he’s finally releasing an album after six years.

Haha also took part in producing for the new album and has been focusing on building his body for his longly awaited comeback.

Being also an MC for MBC Infinity Challenge and having successfully earned the applauds for the West Coast Highway Music Festival, he’s gaining even more anticipation after fellow member Gil of Infinity Challenge sweeping away the recent music chart listings with Leessang.

Meanwhile, Haha’s mother Kim Okjung who is also commonly referred to as ‘Black Dress Okjung’ is planning on releasing her single ‘Food Song’ as well on September 1, causing an unexpected rivalry between Haha and his mother. Gil of Leessang and hip hop artist Defconn as well as Haha’s older sister Ha Joori will be featuring in the music video for “Food Song.”