On March 25, Haha wrote on his twitter, “We are close. R-right, Jaebeom?” Haha posted a picture of himself and Jay Park looking awkward together. (For those of you that might not know, Jay Park’s Korean name is Park Jaebeom)

Haha and Jay Park continue to have funny tweets going back and forth. Before March 25, Haha tweeted, “Jaebeom why do you feel awkward around me. Do you want to eat? Jaebeom I am right next to you.” Jay Park replied, “I already ate at home and left. Let’s eat next time.”

Haha then tweeted, “Damn! Do you want to go to a club?” and Jay Park replied, “Are there any clubs open right now? Health clubs?”

Netizens that have come across the tweets stated, “You two are so funny,” “I hope that the two of you get closer~” and “It seems like Haha is stuck on Jaebeom.”