Haha is on the top of the world lately. He has had several successful overseas fan meetings, all his shows are doing well, and most importantly, he now has a lovely son and wife. He certainly wants to tell the whole world about his son, previously showing everyone his reggae inspired baby room and talking about his son just after his birth. He has now gone one step further and has said that his son is lovely even if his poop splatters on his face.


In a recent appearance with reggae partner Skull on the SBS Power FM radio show “Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School,” Haha talked about what it was like to have a son.

He starts off by saying how “My commute lately has between the postnatal care center and home. Yesterday I’ve realized how good my son was while I was changing his diaper.” As for why this was the case Haha reveals that “My son can’t control his sphincter because he is still young so when he farted his poop flicked onto my face.”

Despite that Haha claims that this “Didn’t anger me. He is really lovely. If it was my old self, then I may have gotten angry about getting poop flicked onto my face. I’m really amazed at myself” and finally finishing off by saying that “I thought I could even eat it.”

DJ Kim Chang Ryul then asked Haha if he has picked out a name for his son yet. Haha replied that his son’s fetus name is Dream.  He does not have an official name yet.

Haha went on to explain that his father advised him to pick a masculine name for his son such as “Kang Chul, Tae Poong, and Horangi” which mean Steel, Typhoon, and Tiger, respectively. 

It’s great to see Haha’s love for his son, and I hope that we get see more of his son in the future.