Haha has taken to Instagram to share some hilarious pics of Ji Suk Jin in the costume he wore for a fan-favorite episode of “Running Man.”

The episode, which aired last November, featured all the members playing aliens who were stranded on Earth and trying to get back to their home planet. Each member of the cast dressed up as a different unique alien, including Yoo Jae Suk as a grasshopper alien and Lee Kwang Soo with a cone head.

One of the funniest transformations for both the cast and viewers was Ji Suk Jin turning into an alien version of Shrek, complete with full green makeup, a big fake nose, and Shrek’s trademark ears.

On June 9, Haha posted two photos of Ji Suk Jin in his bright green costume. They both include the hashtag, “The life of a top comedian.”

The second shows the back of Ji Suk Jin’s costume, with a caption that reads, “I felt bad being the only one who had these, so I’m sharing them. Ji Suk Jin hyung, you understand, right?”

ji suk jin 2

Please give us more of these behind the scenes pics, Haha!