On the upcoming episode of QTV “Porridge Making Woman, Undying Man,” Haha shed tears while cooking for his soon to be bride, Byul. Haha appeared with his mother Ms. Kim Ok Jung, friend Geun Shik, and comedian Yoon Jin Young and competed against each other in Ddukbokki making. 

Haha decided to make cream-ddukbokki and started telling a story with Byul that is related to ddukbokki. Haha said, “Go Eun (Byul’s real name) was really sick, so I asked her what kind of food would make her feel better. She told me that she wanted to eat this seafood ddukbokki that we had enjoyed together before. I searched everywhere in Hong Dae area to find that ddukbokki, but couldn’t.” 

After telling the story, Haha paused for a bit to wipe his eyes and bring himself together. He continued, “So I want to treat her to my homemade cream ddukbokki. Today’s really important to me.” 

Also on this episode, Haha’s mother Ms. Kim Ok Jung left another memorable quotation. Guest star Tony An asked her after tasting her royal ddukbokki, “What would be great to eat with this ddukbokki?” Ms. Kim responded with a big smile, “You should eat that with a happy state of mind.”