Soompi was delighted to report that Byul and Haha become proud parents yesterday, July 9 KST, to a healthy baby boy.

After revealing the news and his emotions through his Twitter account, Haha also talked about the amazing event through his guest appearance on “This is Sweet Sorrow with ‘Afternoon Discovery‘” on July 10.

Haha said, “I was so sorry and worried about Byul when she was going through labor. I also respected how courageous she was. My emotions were all in a jumble.”

He continued, “When I held the baby, it was strange and miraculous. When Byul was in pain, I cried, but when I held my son, I didn’t.”

For people curious about the name of Haha’s son, the MCs asked Haha, but the singer/entertainer revealed that the name hasn’t been decided yet, stating, “I want to name him the same thing as his nickname, ‘Dream,’ but my dad wants a manly name.” Haha added, “My son looks like his grandfather.”

Once again Haha and Byul, congratulations!