On August 15 during his official press conference regarding wedding plans with singer Byul, Haha revealed the special nickname he calls Byul by and plans about having children. He explained, “I call her ‘Yeobo,’ I wanted her to get used to it before we get married, so I started calling her Yeobo. Now she calls me Yeobo very naturally, too.”

Haha also explained his rather detailed hopes of having three children, “I want to name my first born Ha Gi Reul and raise him has a member of Korean national soccer team. Then I want to have fraternal twins whom I will name Ha So Suh and Ha Mo Nee. I want Ha So Suh to become a prosecutor and Ha Mo Nee to become an artist of some sort.”

Netizens commented on Haha-Byul couple’s special nickname for each other and family planning, “They call each other Yeobo already? Haha got what he asked for!” “Haha and Byul are so cute,” and “Look at that family planning! Way to go, Haha!”