Singer Haha recently sent a public love call to Ha JiWon through Twitter. He asked whether she could feature in his album jacket photo-shoot that was to be taken the very next day.

On the 9th, he tweeted: ‘Tomorrow I start my reggae album jacket photo shoots.’ He continued in a desperate yet unserious manner, ‘Ha JiWon ssi, I am Haha. It is nice to meet you. Is it OK if you spare one hour of your time to come and take part in my jacket photo shoots? If you cannot make it, I will still love you! I hope your latest movie Sector Seven becomes a huge hit. I love you.’

Netizens replied to the tweet with: ‘Haha must’ve been a Ha JiWon fan,’ ‘You should shoot the jacket photos with your Infinity Challenge members.’ ‘If you two really were to take the shoot, it would have been so daebak!’

Haha is currently very busy finalizing his album, whilst Ha JiWon’s movie Sector Seven sees itself climb on top of the chart very rapidly. 

source: nate