Idols often have terribly dry hair from the constant bleaching and dyes. As it is part of the job, this is unavoidable. However, there are certain tips and tricks that help them maintain some health in their locks, as advised by these idol stylists and even a former girl group member.

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Cha Hong, founder of the Cha Hong chain of salons, used to be a celebrity stylist. She still takes on the occasional megastar client, although she focuses on being a savvy businesswoman for the most part. On Unnie’s Salon as hosted by Han Ye Seul, Cha Hong shared that one tip people rarely know about is the applying of body lotion on damp hair after showers.

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Another tip is so mix water and hair conditioner in a spray bottle, using the spray before one shampoos. After both steps, one should use conditioner once more time to really lock in the moisture. This is as shampoo can damage your hair cuticle as well, so by spraying it once over with diluted treatment, it can act as a protectant.

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Risabae, a famous YouTuber beauty guru, worked for various idols such as AOA as their makeup artist before she moved on to becoming a content creator full time. For those with damaged scalps, she advises only showering once at night. Natural oils are good for the hair, so one should avoid showering too often. However, it is necessary to wash off the buildup of waste on the body and hair after a long day.

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Risabae revealed that using the finger pads to massage the scalp rather than the fingernails also help. This is as the scalp can be further damaged with the use of sharp fingernails.

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Thirdly, she advises one to leave in conditioner for as long as you can – she likes to do at least fifteen minutes.

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Wayland on YouTube, used to be a part of Crayon Pop until they disbanded. In her video about idol haircare, Way talks about the inevitable fact that idols often go to salons to get professional treatments done.

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However, for those looking for a cheaper alternative, simply remembering to always apply essence and haircare products are sufficient. She personally uses a cuticle coat after styling it with a hot iron.

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Lastly, it is important to note that things aren’t always as they seem. In fact, the difference between idol’s hair before and after styling is huge.