YES YOU DO!!!!!!!!!!


If you’re lucky to be in Seoul at the moment, and happened to love the idea of FT Island clutching to each other’s half-naked bodies for dear life, I suggest you head over to your nearest “Bavi Phat” Make-up store PRONTO. Like RIGHT. NOW. Bavi Phat, a popular Korean make-up store’s latest promotion includes a poster of our dear boys looking all sexy and delicious. (I literally passed by the make-up store and almost fainted. Had to ask the sales to get one. Usually posters are FREE with purchase, this particular poster is 3000 won each (around $2.80 USD), so it’s kinda rare that we would have to buy a poster. 


I assure you, this poster is worth all your 3000 won. It’s 3 feet by 3.5 feet and it’s HUGE. Looks even MORE ridiculously huge on your wall!!! I feel bad– like– I have something on my wall that I shouldn’t—- BUT I SHOULD!~!!!!!!!!




Get there. FAST. Promotion is limited time only!!!!!!


Also while you’re there, you might want to check out the FT Island facial masks!!! Skin whitening and cucumber treatment with Hongki have never been better! de00