On August 22, a source tells that Ham Eun Jung expressed her distress to a close group of friends regarding the recent news about her dismissal from SBS “Five Fingers“. She said, “What can I do now? I practiced script-reading until last night (August 21) and now they want me off. It’s just sad. I even filmed my scenes until Sunday and the ratings were good, too. I don’t know what I can do that this point when I got booted off like this overnight. Since I haven’t heard any official announcement from SBS, I just have to wait patiently.”

Ham Eun Jung was casted to play the role of Hong Dami, employee at the restaurant and piano maker, who gets in the middle of a love triangle with Yoo Ji Ho (played by Joo Ji Hoon) and Yoo In Ha (played by Ji Chang Wook). She was supposed to make her first appearance on the fifth episode of “Five Fingers” on August 23 with all the other adult actors, but she will most likely be dismissed from her role. Currently, Jin Se Yeon from KBS “Bridal Mask” has been brought up as a possible replacement for Ham Eun Jung.

Meanwhile, many people are assuming that “T-ara bully controversy” has a lot to do with Ham Eun Jung’s sudden dismissal from the show. As the public opinions and attitudes towards members of T-ara have become much harsh and hostile, many companies hesitate to be associated with T-ara due to negative advertising. As a result, some industry experts are cautiously assuming that “Five Fingers” might have had difficulties selling PPL (Pay Per Lead advertising) in the show because of Ham Eun Jung.