Ham So Won (44), who is famously known for being married to a younger man, Jin Hua (26), is often a hot topic of conversation for her personal life which is broadcasted on TV shows such as Taste of Wife.

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She recently faced controversy when she didn’t take her daughter to the hospital right away when she had a high fever and opted to use a tofu method instead.

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And she recently took to Instagram to reveal a DM she received from a hater who insulted her and her husband.

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The netizen demanded that she leave the show and asked how exhausting it is living with a term that can be translated to mean “little boy” or “hatchling”.

Are you crazy? You call yourself a mother? Get off the show. It’s exhausting living with a little boy, isn’t it?

— Netizen

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But Ham So Won didn’t let the hate get to her and responded with confidence.

I live with a younger husband, not a little boy. And is it exhausting? Yes, I feel like dying. But I have a daughter that resembles a rabbit so even when things are hard, I smile because I feel grateful.

— Ham So Won

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Ham So Won is frequently under the radar of haters for the age gap that exists between her and her husband as well as the marital conflicts that are broadcasted for all to see.

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When will she get a break?