On a recent episode of TV Joseon‘s Taste of Wife, Ham So Won went lingerie shopping for the first time in 14 years.


When she tried on an apricot-colored slip dress, the employee praised Ham So Won’s figure.

You look like a princess.

— Employee


But Ham So Won preferred the darker colors as she believed it looked more mature.

It’s more mature. I feel like there’s beauty that radiates from more mature women.

— Ham So Won


She then went on to express her opinion that older women are more attractive than younger women.

Young women aren’t attractive. When you get older and you become more mature, that’s what’s really sexy.

— Ham So Won


Ham So Won continued to describe the charms of older women.

Older women have the maturity and experience that young women don’t have.

— Ham So Won


For that reason, Ham So Won loved the black slip dress, but Jin Hua, her husband begged to differ.

I like the apricot-colored one better.

— Jin Hua


Check out the full clip below: