A photo of actress Han Chae Young during her college days has been revealed and is becoming a hot topic. A recent post on an online community forum titled, “Han Chae Young’s College Days,” was made, containing a photo.

In the revealed picture, Han Chae Young is wearing a white blazer jacket with a black pencil skirt. Her clean-cut and simple outfit was for her graduation photo. Her long, shapely legs and her unchanging beauty drew the attention of Netizens that came across the picture.

Han Chae Young graduated from Dongguk University with a film and movie studies major. She debuted in 2,000 with the horror film, “Record.” She is currently looking forward to start shooting for an upcoming, 30 episode Chinese drama. 

Meanwhile, netizens commented on this post by saying, “Han Chae Young had superior legs and beauty even during her college years,” “She has no flab on her legs, I’m so jealous,” and “Han Chae Young’s proportions are crazy.”