Actress Han Chae Young‘s shoot for  fashion magazine “InStyle” as its first advertisement model has been publicized.  In this advertisement, “Instyle” first CF model Han Chae Young’s goddess-like figure enthralls the hearts of her male fans.

Han Chae Young brightly laughed throughout the advertisement shoot, and cheerfully wrapped up the shoot.  “InStyle” catch-phrase “Like a Star” was the concept of the shoot, and the set buzzed with talk about how Han Chae Young was able to embody the concept with her uniquely bright and stylish charm.

Staff members were also impressed with how perfectly Han Chae Young wore a mini one-piece which set off her slim beautiful legs.  In her interview, Han Chae Young said that she was happy to have been selected as the first advertisement model of “InStyle.”  Han Chae Young also commented that as a long-time reader of “InStyle” she was able to with special affection and enjoyment finish the shoot.

You can see Han Chae Young’s advertisement images on the “InStyle” homepage, Facebook page, and YouTube channel.