On March 12, netizens spread photos and news of Han Ga In and miss A’s Suzy shooting SBS’sRunning Man” via social network sites. The two were spotted filming for an upcoming episode of the hit variety series at the Korean Job World located in Kyeonggido. However ,”Running Man’s” Director Jo Hyun Jin revealed that the episode will only feature Han Ga In.

Earlier today, he stated, “Han Ga In recorded ‘Running Man’ yesterday (March 12).” Regarding Suzy’s appearance, Jo continued, “Suzy wasn’t part of the recording. Only Han Ga In filmed, and the shoot took place near Bundang, Kyeonggido.”  

Han Ga In joined the cast of “Running Man” after completing “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” and showed off her hidden comedic talent. In fact, Han Ga In has previously worked with Yoo Jae Suk on a past SBS comedy program, and fans can’t wait to see the two together again.

Netizens commented, “‘Running Man’ always has great guest appearances,” “I can’t wait to watch!” “It’s been so long since Han Ga In has been on a variety show,” and more.

Han Ga In and Suzy’s episode of “Running Man” will air on March 25.