Longtime celebrity couple Han Ga In and Yeon Jung Hoon welcomed a baby girl into their lives early morning on April 13, at a maternity clinic located in Gangnam, Seoul. She is their first child in 11 years of marriage.

Today, actor Yeon Jung Hoon revealed an image of his child for the first time to the public through his personal Instagram account. It is a picture of the actor laying down on with his daughter in his arms and lying on his chest. He captions the photo “daddy and daughter.” The message is as simple as the picture, but both seem to be filled with warmth and love for their new family member.

Meanwhile, Han Ga In plans to focus on raising their child for the time being while Yeon Jung Hoon appeared as a cameo in JTBC‘s “Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Gi,” as the third husband of Ok Da Jung (played by Lee Yo Won).

Congratulations to the new parents once again!