Past pictures of actress Han Ga In dressed as Sailor Moon is belatedly receiving attention on the internet.

Recently, an online community forum posted her pictures under the title “Han Ga In when she was Sailor Moon.” It turns out the pictures are actually screen captures from KBS’s weekend drama “Terms of Endearment” also known as “Conditions of Love.”

Inside the picture, Han Ga In’s outfit accurately duplicates the famed princess warrior’s uniform. She’s doing the famous “I will punish you!” pose in a much more aegyo-fied way.

It’s already been 8 years since the stint as Sailor Moon, but many netizens and the public expressed how her looks remained the same. Some of the comments included, “Then Yun Jung Hoon must be Tuxedo Mask,” “She looks like ZE:A’s Kim Dong Jun,” “She looks so youthful.”