A photo of actress Han Ga In eating bread has surfaced online and is becoming a hot issue. 

On March 27th on an online community site, a picture titled “Han Ga In nibbling on bread” was posted.

In the revealed photo, Han Ga In is shown wearing a padded jumper while eating bread. What caught the eye of netizens was how she seemed to be eating in a hurry without paying attention to the camera. Unlike her elegant image of Yeon Woo in “The Moon That Embraces the Sun,” viewers got to see a more casual side of her. 

Netizens who saw this boyish side of the actress complimented her. They left comments such as, “She’s pretty and she seems to have a good personality as well,” “she’s beautiful even when she’s eating in a rush,” and “do you like bread?”

Meanwhile, her movie “Introduction to Architecture” won first place at the box office.