Han Ga In showed off her fan girl instincts on the March 28 episode of SBS “One Night of TV Entertainment.” During the show, Han Ga In was interviewed for the “Let’s Meet Up Now” segment, where she was closely followed by the reporter to a number of different places.

The reporter first mentioned how Han Ga In was recently spotted twice at Big Bang’s concert. She also brought up Han Ga In’s recent radio interview where she said G-Dragon is the idol singer she’s keeping an eye on.

Han Ga In explained her G-Dragon love, saying, “I’m really jealous of the energy and talented exuded from every one of G-Dragon’s body movements. He’s really cool.”

She was asked what she would tell G-Dragon if she ever gets to meet him, but she shyly responded, “I don’t think I’d be able to say anything!”

Later, the reporter was able to spot Han Ga In’s cellphone’s wallpaper, which was a full screen shot of G-Dragon. Looking embarrassed, Han Ga In just said, “You couldn’t imagine how much my husband nags me about it.”

She then opened her photo album in the cellphone. It turns out she has tons of G-Dragon photos on her cellphone, as she revealed one of the many folders full of G-Dragon photos. It showed a bunch of G-Dragon photos from Big Bang’s latest album, proving she’s a true G-Dragon fan girl. 

You can watch the segment in the video below!