Actress Han Hye Jin is in talks to make her first drama comeback in four years since starring in SBS’s “A Word From Warm Heart” in 2014.

On December 29, Han Hye Jin’s agency Jikim Entertainment revealed that there is an ongoing discussion about Han Hye Jin coming back to the drama scene, but nothing has been decided yet.

There had been reports that Han Hye Jin will play the female lead in MBC’s upcoming drama “Let’s Look at the Sunset Holding Hands” (working title). The drama tells the story of a married couple who look back on their lives after confronting the matter of death. As they reminisce about the times they spent together and realize their true love for one another, the drama is expected to present a moving and heartwarming story for viewers.

If Han Hye Jin agrees to join the drama, she will play the part of Nam Hyun Joo, a woman who dedicates herself to the man she has loved since her freshman years. She was known for loving literature in school but chose to give up her dreams in order to be a good wife for her husband.

“Let’s Look at the Sunset Holding Hands” is set to begin airing next March.

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