9/1/09 — Han Hye Sook, Lee Tae Gon, and Soh Yi Hyun (한혜숙, 이태곤, 소이현) will lead the weekend drama “Jewel Mixed Rice (보석비빔밥)” scheduled to be aired by MBC on 9/5.

This family drama is about 5 couples played by Lee Il Min-Choi Ah Jin (이일민, 최아진), Michael Blunck-Soh Yi Hyun (마이클 블렁크, 소이현), Han Jin Hee-Han Yeh Sook (한진희, 한혜숙), Lee Tae Gon-Go Na Eun (이태곤, 고나은), and Lee Hyun Jin-Jung Yoo Mi (이현진, 정유미).


Accidents and incidents continuously happen to the Goong (궁) family’s four siblings.  Their names are of Jewels corresponding to Jade, Ruby, Coral, and Amber and they are: Pi Chui (비취, 翡翠, Jade), Ruby (루비, 紅寶石), San Ho (산호, 珊瑚, Coral), and Ho Park (호박, 琥珀, Amber).  Their story is like a delicious bowl of rice mixed with vegetables and meat.


Actress Go Na Eun plays the composed and smart first daughter Pi Chui (Jade) who dreams to meet a rich man.  Soh Yi Hyun plays the second daughter Ruby who works as a nurse and wishes to marry to a successful man in order to escape her life of poverty.  Actor Lee Hyun Jin plays the elder son San Ho who dreams to become a diplomat.  Lee Il Min plays the younger son Ho Park who is a high school students constantly involving in fighting with people.


Actor Lee Tae Gon plays the role Young Gook (영국) who is an optimistic, cheerful, and healthy ordinary man wearing casual clothes all the time. Young Gook and Pi Chui form a couple. 


Actor Michael Blunck plays Ruby’s lover Kyle (카일).  Actress Jung Yoo Mi plays San Ho’s girlfriend Kang Ji (강지) and Choi Ah Jin plays Ho Park’s girl friend Kkeut Soon (끝순).


Senor actor Han Jin Hee plays the father Goong Sang Shik (궁상식) who worked as a hotel doorman for his whole life.  Senior actress Han Hye Sook plays the mother Bi Hye Ja (피혜자) who is a troublemaker with vanity.

This drama is written by the famous Lim Sung Han (임성한) who has been writing for successful dramas such as “See you again and again (보고 또 보고, 1998, TV ratings 44.9%)”, “Prince of Ondal (온달왕자들, 2000, TV ratings 26%)”, “Miss Mermaid (인어아가씨, 2002, TV ratings 35.1%)”, “King Flower Fairy (왕꽃선녀님, 2005, TV ratings  20%)”, “Dear God (The Sky, 하늘이시여, 2006, TV ratings  26.9)”, and “Madam (아현동마님), 2007, TV ratings  20.2%)”.



Lee Tae Gon


Soh Yi Hyun


Go Na Eun


Jung Yoo Mi



Lee Hyun Jin , Soh Yi Hyun, and Lee Il Min dance on the ABBA’s song “Lay All Your Love on Me”