The first episode of JTBC’s drama “Padam Padam” aired on November 27. Despite its return in four years, it scored 1.3 percent in the rating according to AGB Nielsen Media Research proving its popularity (such numbers are considered high for cable channels).

“Padam Padam” first aired in December of 2011 coinciding with establishment of JTBC. It’s a melodrama about a selfish and realistic woman who falls for a man who spent 16 years behind bars for being falsely accused of murder. Actor portrays the main character Yang Kang Chil and portrays the energetic veterinarian Jung Ji Na.

padam padam poster

“Padam Padam” has three qualities of making of a great drama. Beautiful cinematography reminiscent of a movie, memorable lines, and passionate acting by its star actors. Somewhat fantasy-like, however, it doesn’t lose its touch with reality at the same time. “Padam Padam” is one of the many dramas that viewers requested to view again on television.

The first episode showed Yang Kang Chil (Jung Woo Sung) and Jung Ji Na’s (Han Ji Min) fateful meeting for the first time.

The responses from the viewers were hot from the get-go. In various portal sites, the drama was listed as the most searched drama and numerous positive comments were posted on SNS.

“Padam Padam” airs every Friday and Saturday at 8:30 p.m. KST. The follow-up drama “Madame Antoine” is scheduled to air in January of 2016.

Watch the first episode of “Padam Padam” here.

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