Actress Han Ji Min‘s recent pictures became a hot topic of discussion.

On February 8, Han Ji Min’s agency SM C&C posted two pictures along with a thank you message for the fans, “The pictures were taken the day when Han Ji Min had an interview with the Japanese media regarding the SBS drama, ‘The Rooftop Prince.’ The weather is cold, but seeing the actress in the picture gave the feeling like spring has come. Thank you for your love and care with Han Ji Min’s dramas, ‘The Rooftop Prince’ and ‘Padam Padam.’

In the photos, Han Ji Min poses for the camera while wearing a bright outfit. Her pink dress and blue skirt gave a spring like atmosphere.  

Netizens who saw the picture posted, “Is she a new doll? She’s so pretty~,” “From her face to her whole body, Han Ji Min is a doll,” “This is when you can use the word beauty-goddess” and “Japanese fans must be in love with her.”

After filming “The Rooftop Prince,” Han Ji Min has been promoting the drama in Japan while also taking a break.  The star is currently in the middle of choosing her next project.