Actress Han Ji Min showed off her endless charm by revealing three photos of herself in various hats for the summer. On August 17, she wrote on her Facebook, “Summer. Enjoy the SUMMER.” Along with the update, she attached the three pictures.

In the photos, Han Ji Min can be seen smiling while wearing different hats. In the first picture, she is showing off her lively, yet sporty charm with a red baseball cap. She also caught people’s attention by perfectly absorbing all the other items, such as giving off a neat feeling with her choice of a wide-brimmed hat and completing a polished look with a fedora.

Netizens who saw this commented, “Han Ji Min’s hat collection photos are pretty,” “She is really a goddess,” “You are pretty even when you aren’t doing anything, but then you smile, which makes you prettier!!! The hats suit you so, so well,” “Her three pictures are amazing,” “Looks like she enjoyed her summer,” and “Han Ji Min can perfectly wear any kind of hat.”