Han Ji Min and Park Hyung Sik’s friendship remains strong!

On December 8, Han Ji Min uploaded a photo of herself posing with Park Hyung Sik, along with a photo of herself in front of a poster for his musical “Elisabeth.”

She also included a caption that read, “The musical ‘Elisabeth.’ Hyung Sik, who flew around the stage with a charm I hadn’t seen up until now. It was the best.”

In the photo, Park Hyung Sik has his arm around Han Ji Min as they smile at the camera. He is dressed in his costume for “Elisabeth,” where he plays the character Der Tod.

The two actors first met through the short film “Two Lights: Relumino,” which was released online at the end of 2017. In the film, both actors play visually impaired characters who fall in love. Park Hyung Sik previously visited Han Ji Min on set of her drama “Familiar Wife” as well.

“Elisabeth” will be performed at the Blue Square Interpark Hall in Seoul until February, 10, 2019.

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