Actress Han Ji Min recently spoke up about her support for films about women.

On September 11, upcoming film “Miss Baek” held a press conference at the Lotte Cinema near Konkuk University Station. Han Ji Min, Lee Hee Joon, and director Lee Ji Won were in attendance.

On why she chose to appear in the film, Han Ji Min explained, “When I chose [to appear in] ‘Miss Baek,’ the character was the titular role. I also didn’t see any additional conditions [usually seen] in films centered around women.”

She added, “It’s true that the premiere was postponed after filming. It’s a real problem that films with darker topics have difficulties to get screened in theaters. I don’t know how many people will see ‘Miss Baek.’ What I want is for ignored and alienated children, as well as women-centered films, to receive attention.”

“Miss Baek” is about a woman named Baek Sang Ah, who became a convict while trying to protect herself. She meets a child that is forced out of society, similar to herself, and fights to protect the child from a cruel world. The film will premiere in October.

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