Actress Han Ji Min appeared on the covers of magazine CeCi in Korea and China simultaneously for their May issue. In the revealed photos, Han Ji Min transformed into an elf in forest, bringing out refreshing Spring sentiment. With flowers and trees at the motif of this photo shoot, Han Ji Min is wearing feminine dresses of muted color with lace, portraying the images of “Spring Goddess.”

In the interview that was conducted along with the photoshoot, Han Ji Min talked about her life as an actress. She stated, “Although acting and being an actress is my job, I’m trying not to give it too much meaning. I’m trying to enjoy present as it is. Living happily from a moment to another is the rule I have for my life and my job.” She also commented on her character, Park Ha, in “Rooftop Prince.” She said, “According to my friends, the real Han Ji Min shows through Park Ha. They really like it. Other than Park Ha’s bossy and snarling side, she matches my real self about 99% of the time.” 

More pictures of Han Ji Min and a detailed interview will be featured in the May issue of magazine CeCi. Please check out Han Ji Min as the beautiful Spring Goddess in the photoshoots for CeCi below!