Actress Han Ye Seul has posted to Instagram to share that she’s currently experiencing negative effects of a recent surgery.

On April 20, she shared a photo of surgical scars on her torso. “During surgery for the removal of a lipoma, I experienced a medical accident,” she wrote. “Even though it’s been two weeks since the surgery, the hospital has not said anything about compensation, and my heart is sinking as I go for treatment every day. To be honest, I don’t think any form of compensation would be a consolation.”

A lipoma is a small lump of fat that grows under the skin, and while it’s classified as a tumor, it is usually benign. Lipomas are sometimes removed surgically if they are considered to be a discomfort.

A source from Han Ye Seul’s agency KeyEast has confirmed with news outlet OSEN that the actress experienced a medical accident and is currently receiving treatment.

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Update: Han Ye Seul has removed images of her wound from her Instagram as of May 2, after stating that it was difficult to see them whenever she went on her account.