Han Ye Seul, the embattled star actress that left for LA amid controversy surrounding her drama “Myung Wol the Spy,” spoke with Korean media for the first time on Monday. After her arrival in LA on August 15th, Sports Korea caught up with her and talked about her feelings about abruptly leaving the show as the main lead actress.

“I gave up everything. The working environment (of the drama) was just too hard for me,” Han Ye Seul said. She said the whole controversy started because of the poor working environment and differences between her and the production crew, and implied this might be the end of her celebrity career in Korea.

However, Han Ye Seul denied rumors of her disagreement with the main PD. She just repeated that she’s in need of a rest, hinting that the whole filming process has been both physically and mentally tough for her. “I just hope my hoobaes (younger people) won’t be the same victim as me,” she said.

Han Ye Seul boycotted all filming of KBS drama, “Myung Wol the Spy,” after airing the first 10 episodes. Due to her abrupt departure, the drama could not air the 11th episode scheduled for August 15th, and instead played a “Myung Wol the Spy Special” which was a condensed compilation of the first 10 shows. This is the first time in Korean TV drama history where the main lead actress dropped out in the middle of the show for reasons other than a natural disaster or an accident.

It has been reported that Han Ye Seul complained about the “killer filming schedule” of the show as she was required to show up five days a week. That caused her to get in a big fight with the main PD and she reportedly requested KBS to replace the whole production crew.