Han Ye Seul is reportedly in talks to make a comeback through upcoming film “The Dog.”

According to a report by Star News, Han Ye Seul is discussing the possibility of a return to the Korean entertainment industry with this eight-million dollar blockbuster film. She’s currently reviewing the script and will finalize the deal in the coming weeks, the report confirmed.

“The Dog” is a film directed by Shin Jung Won, whose previous works include “Sisily 2km” and “Chow.” The movie revolves around a dog that gets infected by an unidentified object from another planet. Han Ye Seul will star as the research doctor that chases after the dog.

This would be Han Ye Seul’s first return to the big screen since her 2011 film “Many a Little Romance.” It’s also her first acting role since the “Spy Myungwol” controversy from last year, when she suddenly left the country without prior notice in protest of Korea’s overwhelming filming schedule.

“The Dog” is expected to finalize on its casting and start filming by October.