The April 9 broadcast of SBS‘s “Baek Jong Won’s Three Great Emperors” was a local bakery episode, where the cast visited and tasted bread from small “mom and pops” places in Korea.

The episode features everything from Namwon’s famous creampuffs to vegetable bread and croquettes.

hani kim jun hyun

Comedian Kim Jun Hyun boasts his impressive eating ability by devouring a croquette in a single bite, and reminisces about his younger days, saying that it’s a taste that you can find only in local bread shops.

On the other hand, EXID‘s Hani takes a bite and says, “I know this taste..” before unexpectedly shedding tears. She continues, “This is the taste of the bread my mom, younger sibling, and I ate in the winter when we were experiencing hard times.” MC Lee Hwi Jae tries to console Hani but she isn’t able to stop her tears for a while afterward.

Was there a time food made you remember a past memory?

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