Hansol delivered a message to his fans after it was announced that he would be leaving the group ToppDogg.

He wrote on his personal Instagram, “Hello, this is Kim Hansol. We started out as 13 members and then became 10, and eventually 9. I’m writing to say goodbye to my fellow ToppDogg members whom I’ve spent all this time with. When the first few members decided to begin their new lives, the remaining members, including me, gave them our blessings, but it was painful for us.

“They say that every beginning has an end, and that there is no such thing as a beautiful farewell. When our friends decided to leave the group, we sent them lots of well wishes and encouragement, but we felt very apologetic to our fans. I sent off our members with a smile, but I also cried a lot.

“I went through a rough time back then, but it is now my turn to say goodbye. I know more than anyone else that this is very painful. It definitely wasn’t an easy decision to leave the members who have given me so much love and support. Because I’ve gone through it myself, I know how hurt the members and fans are.

“I’m sorry for not keeping my promise to stay with ToppDogg forever. The remaining members will be depending on each other a lot, and they’ll be trying their best to keep their promise with you guys. They’ll be practicing every single day to give you some amazing music and performances. They’ve endured a lot of struggle and temptation, so please give them lots of love and support.

“Through this new program ‘The Unit,’ the members will be transforming into artists that can instill hopes and dreams in people. I will be supporting them as a fan. Sangdo, Xero, B-Joo, Yano, and Hojoon, I know my words of apology can’t erase the pain, but I will be supporting you guys with all my heart. I’m always thankful to you guys, and I sincerely hope you’ll be able to show people that you’re good musicians and performers. I will always support you guys.”

Hansol also shared another photo of ToppDogg, alongside the caption, “Thank you, my friends. Thank you, my memories. Thank you, everyone.”