Amber has previously shared a hilarious meme to celebrate her wonderful teammate’s birthday. Krystal also gave a special gift to the fans by uploading one of her childhood pictures. She also left a message on her me2day, “To the people who congratulated me on my birthday, thank you~~~ Everyone thinks I’m 20 now.. but I was just 17 this past year.. I want time to stop right now.. ^^”

To celebrate Krystal’s 18th birthday, I got to look through and collect various pictures of the the birthday girl from her different song concepts. Take a look through the pictures by clicking on the numbers on the bottom to see how much Krystal has grown! Or if you just became a recent fan, to see her past pictures!

Starting off with her childhood photo.


 2009 La Cha Ta


 2009 Chocolate Love

 2009 Chu

 2010 Lollipop

 2010 Nu ABO


 2011 Pinocchio (Danger)




 2011 Hot Summer



 2012 Electric Shock