B.A.P.’s maknae Zelo celebrated his sixteenth birthday today, October 15.
In honor of his birthday, we decided to compile Zelo’s sixteen cutest photos!
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Meanwhile, the boys of B.A.P. will soon make their comeback with their third single album, “Don’t.” Stay tuned to Soompi for updates! 

 Zelo Prince poses with his doppelganger from beloved novel “The Little Prince.”

 The maknae plays around in mega-sized pink sunglasses.

 Zelo taking good care of his flawless milky babyface.

 Zelo leans in for a kiss.

 The maknae signs CD for his foreign fans.


 Zelo expresses his excitement at B.A.P.’s first fan signing event.

Zelo shows off his charm in his debut photo. 

 Zelo plays around with a hair straightener in a dressing room.  

 Maknae falls asleep face down.

 Zelo looks thrilled as he presents B.A.P.’s first EP repackaged album.

 Zelo oozes smarts and charm in glasses.

 Maknae expresses his hunger behind the scenes at radio show “Kang Min Yeon’s Best Friend.” 

 Zelo flashes a heart sign for his fans.

 Zelo looks completely absorbed in his cell phone backstage at “M!Countdown.”

The maknae smiles with his mattoki, Totomato, which was created by his fellow B.A.P. hyungs.