”Harry Potter” actress Emma Watson recently named a 2008 Korean film as one of her favorite movies. According to reports from local news agencies, the actress best known for playing Hermione Granger in the “Harry Potter” films picked “Breathless” as one of her favorites in an interview with “Vogue Magazine.”

Aside from “Breathless,” directed by Yang Ik Joon, Emma Watson named “Amelie,” “Pan’s Labyrinth” and all the works of British director and screenwriter Richard Curtis (“Love Actually”) in her list.

“Breathless” is about a debt collector who grew up and lived a life of violence until he meets a high school girl. Yang Ik Joon also wrote the screenplay for “Breathless” and starred in the film as the main character Sang Hoon. The film debuted in the 2008 Busan International Film Festival.