On the most recent episode of MBC’s Radio StarHA:TFELT spoke up about the story behind the “feminist” and “anti-marriage” remarks that sparked controversy in the past.


Regarding her declaration of being feminist, HA:TFELT explained that she didn’t make that announcement with the intent to do so.

I heard that when a girl group member showed that she read Kim Ji Young: Born 1982, her fans burnt her CDs. So I read the book out of curiosity, I liked the contents, and my story was similar to that of the main character, so I posted my thoughts on the book on social media.




HA:TFELT continued,

I’m also a second child, and I felt like it was the story of someone my age. I enjoyed the book, so I posted it on social media but many netizens asked, ‘Are you a feminist, too?’ I looked up what a feminist meant and it said that it was the belief that men and women are equal. So I said, ‘Yes, I’m a feminist.’



But HA:TFELT clarified that there was a misunderstanding regarding the remarks she made about being “anti-marriage.”

I didn’t mean I would never get married. I called myself anti-marriage because I don’t think that anyone has to get married. When my mom heard this, she was really upset. If someone I want to spend the rest of my life with shows up, I can get married, but I’ll never think, ‘Since I’m getting older, I need to get married.’



HA:TFELT concluded that even if she predicts something will stir controversy, if there’s something she needs to say, she says it.


You go, girl!