On April 23, SBSHealing Camp,” hosted by Lee Gyung Kyu, Han Hye Jin, and Kim Jae Doong, aired the second story of Lee Hyori’s two-episode special. As previously reported, Lee Hyori shared stories of her mother’s response regarding her boyfriend Lee Sang Soon and her thoughts about being called the “Beauty and the Beast” couple. However, her stories weren’t the only things that caught people’s attention. Viewers could not miss Hyori’s troubled skin near her eyes. 

The high definition (HD) camera managed to capture Hyori’s rash, concerning her fans. Back in February, Hyori tweeted, “My body couldn’t adapt, and now it’s getting angry at me. After I started my vegetarian diet, my body has been very sensitive. What should I do now,” expressing her anxiety regarding the change in her body following her new diet.  

Netizens commented, “Oh no, get better soon,” “Take care of yourself unnie,” “Is it because of her vegetarian diet?” and more.