Reactions to Park Yoo Chun‘s acting have been sizzling after the first episode of SBS‘s new Wednesday and Thursday drama “Rooftop Prince” ended.

On March 21, during the very first episode of “Rooftop Prince,”  Park Yoo Chun perfectly portrayed two different characters by himself.

When playing Tae Yong, a carefree artist in modern day New York, he looked relaxed and acted out the optimistic demeanor of the character.  However, when playing the crown prince, Lee Gak, he portrayed a more serious role. Especially in the scene where the crown prince lost his beloved crown princess, Park Yoo Chun’s superb acting seemed to reel in the viewers into the sorrowful  moment.   

Viewers and netizens’ opinions seemed synonymous. They complimented his acting with comments like “How can someone suddenly grow so much as an actor? When he was acting in ‘Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal,’ I thought he was pretty good for a newbie, but now, all of a sudden he became an even greater actor,” “It just felt like reality,” and “His portrayal of sadness and anger were superb.”

The head of SBS drama, Kim Young Sub, agreed with the viewers. He praised, “Park Yoo Chun’s acting is different from his previous works. It is difficult for even the veteran actors to portray two different characters at once, but he [Park Yoo Chun] took on both roles so impeccably that there are no awkwardness in either characters. He [Park Yoo Chun] is proving his place as the leading actor with his steady acting.”

The first episode of “Rooftop Prince” has brought in 9.8% viewership and is expected to continually be on a rise as the characters from the Chosun Era try to adjust to their new lives in the modern world.  

Tune in tonight to see how these four fare in modern Seoul.