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Lee Gyu Won: Are you really going to quit? You can’t just run away like this!

Jung Yoon Soo: Do you think he’s running away?

Lee Gyu Won: Is it because of me?

Lee Shin: Are you going to practice for the musical?

Lee Gyu Won: I have to go. I can’t just act on my own.

Lee Shin: You have me, so don’t worry too much.

Im Tae Joon: Lee Gyu Won, you don’t have to come to practice from today. We just decided to move on without an understudy.

Lee Gyu Won: We won’t be able to see a shooting star, right?

Lee Shin: Why, do you want to make a wish?

Lee Gyu Won: To wish for a successful 100 year anniversary concert.

Lee Shin: I really hope it ends up well.

Episode 12 will air on August 10th on MBC at 9:55PM KST.