A very short preview of the next episode!

Gyu Won: What’s wrong with this…is it broken?

Friend: Honestly speaking, Yoon Soo was every boy’s dream girl, but she was such an ice princess. The only person who was able to break her shell was Kim Suk Hyun.

Unfortunately, youth melodrama “Heartstrings,” starring CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye, maintained its low single-digit ratings this week. According to AGB Nielson, “Heartstrings” recorded a 6.6% for its fourth episode. Despite the reunion of one of kdrama’s favorite couples, the plot has not managed to capture its viewers during prime-time, especially against Lee Min Ho’sCity Hunter.” It’s recorded 7.6% its first episode, 6.8% its second episode, 6.6% its third episode, and 6.6% its fourth episode. Despite low ratings in Korea, the drama is getting much more recognition and love from its overseas fans.