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Gyu Won: What are you talking about…

Gyu Won: Do you like me?…

Gyu Won: Egotistical prince!
Gyu Won’s Dad: The egotis…
Gyu Won: Dad!

Shin: I don’t need the gukak team’s help anymore

Shin: Never mind Lee Gyu Won. I too refuse. 

Teacher: Let’s gather all the team and go on a trip!

Shin: I’m only sitting here because there are no other seats. 
Shin: Against my will. 
Gyu Won: Against your will?!

Gyu Won: Lee Shin!
Gyu Won: Lee Shin!

Shin: Where is she?….

Heartstrings” will air its next episode tonight, July 28th, on MBC at 9:55PM KST.